Garmin Forerunner 910xt Tips and Tricks

1. In your "Other" sport, create a data screen that only shows one field. For that field pick 'time of day'. Disable your GPS. Now you have a $450 wrist watch.


2. Hold the "Mode" button down to to access a menu where you can change to any sport.


3. Press the power button to turn the light on at any time. You can set the timeout on the light to never and that way you can turn it on and off as you wish.


4. Turn on the calorie alerts so you can be reminded to refuel often and early. If you are eating/drinking when hungry/thirsty that is too late. You need to fuel/hydrate before then.


5. Rinse your watch in coldish water after each use to keep the watch band from becoming old and weathered looking.


6. Try wearing it on your wrist with the face on the bottom of wrist instead of top. You'll have to put your palm up to read the watch. It helps me to stop looking at it so much when running.


7. Reset your workout at the end of the workout. Don't just turn the watch off. I've seen data get messed up because of this.


8. Enable the "Auto Multi-Sport" Setting and the transition setting. When you are racing or doing a brick workout all you have to do when switching from swim to t1, t1 to bike, bike to t2, t2 to run is press LAP.


9. Turn your watch on 2 minutes before you go outside to run/cycle/swim/etc... It usually takes a minute or so to aquire a gps signal. Nothing is worse than just standing around waiting for the signal to lock to start running.


10. Read the manual. It's actually pretty decent and you'll learn many more things to help you out!