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Fix Stuck Menu Bar, Wifi, Clock, Battery Status On Mac Osx

To fix, Open Activity Monitor ( Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor). Anything in red is having an issue. Force quit it. My problem was SystemUIServer. Select it then click the stop sign x button at the top left of Activity Monitor. This will Force Quit it. It will restart and you should have access to your Menu Bar again.

How To Disable Java In Chrome

If you are using Chrome right now... Type in chrome://plugins to your address/search bar. Find Java in the list. Click Disable. Or, you can...

Magic Mouse Is Jumping And Skipping Solution

I have a magic mouse and whenever I use multiple monitors it becomes skiddish, jumpy, and starts skipping all over. After trying all sorts of tricks the one thing that fixed this for me was installing MagicPrefs. http://magicprefs.com/

'Os X Mail Keeps Asking For Icloud Password' Solution

This is soooo annoying to me. I've finally figured out something that works. Open Mail Go to Preferences (Mail > Preferences) Go to Accounts Select your iCloud account from the left. Choose the Advanced tab Change the Authentication setting from "Apple Token" to "Password". Close Preferences and click "Save" when it asks if you would like to save your changes. Voila! Haven't had it ...

How To Make A Website Mobile Friendly And Responsive

This is how to make your website mobile friendly and what is known as responsive. Also known as Responsive Web Design.

Iphone 4s Camera... Wow.

I'm amazed at the quality of picture the iphone 4s produces... Here are a few shots I've taken.

Terminal Keeps Forgetting My Preferences In O Sx

This is how I permanently stopped Terminal in OS X from forgetting my preferences. I changed the default for my user on my computer. And this is how simple it is. Go to System Preferences > Accounts
Unlock the pad lock
Right click on your user and choose Advanced Options     Change 'Login shell:' from '/bin/bash' to '/bin/zsh'  ( i personally like zsh :) But change it ...

Snow Leopard Fuzzy Fonts And Dell St2410

I recently bought a 24" LCD Dell Monitor(ST2410). I had some issues with font-smoothing(anti aliasing) when using with my MacBook Pro. Read how I resolved it and how I like the monitor.