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How To Filter A Django Form's Multiple Choice Or Foreign Key Set With A Generic View

On an app I am working on I needed to relate a photo to a project. I created a model called Connection. It basically has two fields. "Photo" and "Project". They are both foreign keys back to the Photo and Project models. Well I ran into a problem. I wanted to be able to say okay associate photo A with project B. I could do ...

How To Get The Next And Previous Object From A List Of Objects Or Queryset

With django's help, I made a photo app. Each photo can belong to multiple Projects. I can get a list of photos for a Project and display their thumbnails. When I click on a thumbnail it pops up the large version of the photo in a nice div on the screen. I wanted to be able to click "next" or "previous" and get the next or previous photo in the project, and not the next or previous photo from the entire list of photos that is returned by my manager.

Pil With Libjpeg On Os X Snow Leopard

How I fixed my _imaging import problem.