April 2012

'OS X Mail keeps asking for iCloud password' Solution

Enter password for account "iCloud"

This is soooo annoying to me. I've finally figured out something that works.

Open Mail

Go to Preferences (Mail > Preferences)

Go to Accounts

Select your iCloud account from the left.

Choose the Advanced tab

Accounts > iCloud > Advanced > Authentication

Change the Authentication setting from "Apple Token" to "Password".

Change from 'Apple Token' to 'Password'

Close Preferences and click "Save" when it asks if you would like to save your changes.


Haven't had it ask for the password since and it was happening ALL THE TIME for me. Hope this helps someone else!


How to filter a django form's multiple choice or foreign key set with a generic view

On an app I am working on I needed to relate a photo to a project.

I created a model called Connection. It basically has two fields. "Photo" and "Project". They are both foreign keys back to the Photo and Project models.

Well I ran into a problem. I wanted to be able to say okay associate photo A with project B. I could do that and it would show a form with a drop down list of projects to associate a photo with. Problem was it was showing ALL users Projects.

I needed a way to filter the list of Projects in that list to ONLY the logged in user's project's. 

Also, I was currently using a generic view (CreateView) and since it was such a simple task wanted to keep using a generic view.

This is what I did on the view.

class AddPhotoToProject(CreateView):
    a view where a user can associate a photo with a project
    model = Connection
    form_class = CreateConnectionForm
    def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
        context = super(AddPhotoToProject, self).get_context_data(**kwargs)
        context['photo'] = self.kwargs['pk']
        context['form'].fields['project'].queryset = Project.objects.for_user(self.request.user)
        return context
    def form_valid(self, form):
        pobj = Photo.objects.get(pk=self.kwargs['pk'])
        obj = form.save(commit=False)
        obj.photo = pobj
        return_json = {'success': True}

        if self.request.is_ajax():

            final_response = json.dumps(return_json)
            return HttpResponse(final_response)

            messages.success(self.request, 'photo was added to project!')
            return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('MyPhotos'))

The most important part is the

context['form'].fields['project'].queryset = Project.objects.for_user(self.request.user)


I used a manager to return only projects that hadn't been disabled and in that manager if defined 'for_user' that takes an argument (the user) and filters the list of projects.

Here is that Model Manager

class ProjectManager(models.Manager):
    def get_query_set(self):
        default_queryset = super(ProjectManager, self).get_query_set()
        return default_queryset.filter(disabled=None).order_by('-created_time')
    def for_user(self, user):
        return super(ProjectManager, self).get_query_set().filter(owner=user)